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Steven’s drawing and animation were a response to his first experience in Nenthead mine.  With journeying through the mine representing time travel; the further forward you move into the mine the younger the mine.

“The idea hit me during a rather special journey down into the old lead mine at Nenthead with Alan and some old and new ACA artists.

During the descent, climbing through relics of industrial heritage, architecture and a discarded tin of sardines from the 1940’s; something clicked with me about this dangerous, exhilarating experience and how it would relate to the Exploring Nostalgia brief.


(the temporal singularity of the tourist time-traveller. The Ballroom route, Nenthead)

Drawing from Memory (I could have danced all night. I could have danced all day. We came out alive and calm)


Chalk marker and charcoal on paper

Steven Walker - Exploring Nostalgia