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Rosalind Mclachan - 95% as far as the eye can see

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

I applied to the 95% residency because I thought it would be useful preparation for my forthcoming residency at CERN, the world's biggest particle physics laboratory. Little did I realise exactly how useful it was going to be. Considering the intangible is central to my art practice, so to spend a week thinking about the 95% of stuff apparently out there that we cannot see, along with other artists, physicists and buddhist monks was incredibly apt. For the 95% exhibition I showed 'Ex nihilo nihil fit', a video projection with sound, which used footage that I recorded during the residency. I am confident 'Ex nihilo nihil fit' is just the first of a larger body of works resulting from the discussions and actions on the 95% laboratory.