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Andrew Wilson was lead artist for this project and with ACA developed an anthology of loved and unloved items from homes in the High Forest Area. The collection was amassed and exhibited in ACAshop, forming a collection of individual histories of those who are originally from Allenheads or had moved here.

Contributions included things home-made, a family pass down,  a book, photograph, garment, letter, poem, piece of music or a film, a game or toy, an artwork, a curious, obscure or everyday item old and new, that has been proudly displayed or tucked away in your home.  

After the final exhibition all items were returned to their owners or donated to a ‘trading’ event at which donors were able to choose an item in exchange for the one they have donated.

The Allenheads Playlist

Alan Smith compiled a playlist of Allenheads villagers favourite songs.

The Sound of Allenheads

Phil Ogg collected sounds from Allenheads and the surrounding area. Some of the sounds were determined by suggestions from members of the village.

The wide variety of sounds included; natural, mechanical, environmental, and domestic sources.

Trading Post