We are pleased to announce that we have been sucsesfull in our ACE application for BEYOND.

BEYOND is an ambitious project that will invite an eclectic mix of artists, curators, scientists and audiences to take advantage of its new on site astronomical observatory and to consider the word BEYOND as an open ended starting point for discussion, research and the creation of new work.

The project will offer regional and international artists (via partners in France and Lithuania), the opportunity to take part in a stimulating residency programme that will generate a series of public outcomes including exhibitions, workshops, performances, screenings and symposia.

By definition the word BEYOND lures us to a place that has not yet been arrived at or is further than we can currently reach.  Through BEYOND we want artists to take their ideas and their practices to places not yet encountered.

ACA will offer artists and audiences the resource and facilities of the new astronomical observatory on its premises.  This will serve as a tool to explore distances which provoke our grasp of the universe and open up wider philosophical discussions. (Keep watching for more information coming soon)

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From our rural base we provoke questions, encourage discussion and stimulate positive advances in art practice
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