Emerging Artist

Lucien Anderson

Lucien is a Newcastle based artist, preparing to graduate from the BA Fine Art course at Newcastle University. He works primarily, but not exclusively, in installation. Over the past two years,  his practice has involved a rigorous process of “working through”, sifting, documenting, collecting, rearranging, deconstructing and reconstructing. Areas of research have almost entirely been based in science, technology and engineering.

As Above So Below


Expert contributors



A Midsummer Night's Drone 2016


Portrait by Aline Bouma

Lucien Anderson designed and constructed his second prototype habitation module, using the uncanny Allenheads landscape as a testing ground. He is interested in ‘terrestrial analogue sites’, formidable environments on earth where astronauts prepare for the future habitation of other planets.

Photograph Nat Wilkins

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