International Residencies in partnership with

Ilaria Biotti (Berlin Germany)

Artist and researcher Ilaria Biotti (IT, DE) examines socio-cultural entanglements between affectivity and materiality.  Biotti received an MA from the Institut for Art in Context by the Universität der Kunst in Berlin in 2014. She is currently a Kontext Schule Fellow, a member of the coding group She-Codes and of the artist collective Peninsula.

As Above So Below


Expert contributors



A Midsummer Night's Drone 2016


Portrait by Aline Bouma


Single screen video, 8’20”

“Mineshafts ask you to stop time travelling, to stay in the here and now” to quote passages from H.G.Wells The Time Machine. To do this, you should avoid everyday forms of time travelling, such as the sun light hitting your skin from 8 minutes and 20 second in the past.’

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