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Psychologist, musician and cross-media artist. Currently doing a Masters in Visual Culture at Aalto University and one year academic exchange at University of Applied Arts Vienna. He is a project coordinator of Rauma Art Museum and UG experimental space.

My artwork puts together the experimental attitude both in the theoretical and aesthetical field. My background as a Psychologist and years of practices as such in Mexico (participating in qualitative social research and giving private psychotherapy) influence much of my work, both its content and methods. My early interests in art were about the historical evolution of social structures and its meta discourses – the philosophical and ideological basis- and their repercussions in contemporary life. My interests are now also in the production of subjectivity in cultural/cognitive capitalism. In my present project I explore the notion of “trust” in neo liberal capitalism and in disruptive everyday and artistic practices.

My breath pulls me forward.

Video installation, Gerado Montes de Oca Valadez

In the ballroom inside the mine the environmental conditions are such that the breath creates a very particular steam. The light allows me to see it no more than less than a meter in front of me. It flows slowly and subtly having no fixed form nor rhythm. The video piece I created starts with a few sentences of my reflection and feelings about the human search for meaning and knowledge. In this existential attempt both reality and myself seem to become perceivable.

Gerado Montes de Oca Valadez - 95% as far as the eye can see