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'Draw a line, follow it' was an exhibition with accompanying publication curated by Nick Kennedy and Rachael Clewlow to mark the completion of a year long residency with ACA.

The exhibition sought to explore the significance of process to a group of North East based artists. Each of the artists included had established a system for the making of work which placed specific constraints and limitations on their practice. Ranging from the rigid employment of painstakingly repetitive actions to the relinquishing of decisions to chance, those systems provided the artists with a focus for production and provoked questions about personal control over creative process. 

Kennedy and Clewlow drew upon a series of shared interests and concerns to develop the project over am extended period with the other five artists. The accompanying, limited edition publication, made in collaboration with Hole Editions, Newcastle upon Tyne, was produced in the build up to the exhibition. Printed on a direct hand litho press, hand torn and hand bound, the book features a lithograph from each of the exhibiting artists. 

Rachael Clewlow and Nick Kennedy

Draw a Line Follow It