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Bill Aitchison works in and between performance, writing, video and audio. At the centre of the work is a sense of performance which thrives upon the danger of the moment and sense of being part of something unrepeatable. His performances are both rigorously structured and dynamic in their execution. Each are significantly different, though as a whole have a consistent style being open-ended, formally precise and using dry humour. Work in other media extends and adapts these strategies.

Bill Aitchison

As Above So Below


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A Midsummer Night's Drone 2016


A walk to Allendale

The Killhope Mine Tour

Allenheads Geo Tour

Portrait by Aline Bouma

August 13th Stuck in The Middle With You

Bill developed a new performance through a series of residencies at Allenheads Contemporary Arts in Northumberland UK. The performance came about through looking at the global connectedness and migration patterns (human and animal) that intersect in the village of Allenheads. The resulting work plots the global stock market and spread of grey squirrels against artistic mobility and the annual grouse shoot, whichopened on the same weekend as the performance.

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