In 2017 ACA will embark on its new project BEYOND

When I speak of “image”, I do not mean the psychic reflection of an external object, but a concept derived from poetic usage, namely a figure of fancy or fantasy-image, which is related only indirectly to the perception of an external object. This object depends much more on unconscious fantasy activity, and as the product of such activity it appears more or less abruptly in consciousness, somewhat in the manner of a vision or hallucination. (C.G. Jung Psychological Types)

The title  BEYOND is offered as an open ended starting point, taking us to places we have not yet reached.  Through BEYOND we will consider new ways of being, living, surviving, understanding and communicating.

ACA will offer artists the resources of its new astronomical observatory on its premises. Allenheads will be our planetary location, a place to consider unchartered and unimagined territories; in the physical, psychological and/or metaphysical sense. BEYOND follows on from ACA’s recent project As Above So Below in which artists were invited to research humankind’s desire to search for and understanding unknown realms below, above and on the surface of planet Earth. BEYOND will also develop themes explored in the ongoing project Chthonic, which juxtaposes the sensory and social experiences of subterranean darkness with the isolation of infinite space.

The BEYOND programme will offer residency opportunities for regional, national and international artists that will generate a series of public exhibitions, workshops and events.  Details and call- outs will be finalised and published in late August following the outcome of our Arts Council bid to fund this project.  In the meantime, artists are welcome to contact us to express an interest in taking part.

From our rural base we provoke questions, encourage discussion and stimulate positive advances in art practice

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