From our rural base we provoke questions, encourage discussion and stimulate positive advances in art practice

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Alan is co founder and creative director at ACA.

Projects authored:  Base Elements - The Future - 95% as far as the eye can see

Alan has also worked with Migrating Arts Academies - Couch Surfing - 95% - The Sun Had Exploded Before We Found Out It Would


A video by Alan Smith with sound by Bennett Hogg. Extracted from Smallcleugh level at Nenthead Mines in February 2014

AASB - The merging of Vitruvian and Zodiac man

A collection of videos, still images and sound (some appropriated) that illustrate some of he the considerations made during the research leading to the project.

As Above So Below


Expert contributors



A Midsummer Night's Drone 2016


A lot of activity from above today 20/07/16


We travel not only in the physical sense but also through observations, language, experience, thoughts, ideas, questions and interpretations. A remake of NVC 100, a work that combines a synchronistic collective of appropriated texts from educational books ‘The Project Club’ combined with 10 audio compositions and  videos. Considering the early work spawned the thinking behind AASB.

Reflecting on NVC 100 gave way to ‘10 Thoughts’ of the who, what and why we are as a species; definitive answers to which are unlikely to be found but should be valued for the enquiry that followed.”

A multi screen Audio video

Alan Smith